Engineering Centre cc has more than 20 years of experience in the field of power electronics and the capacity of a fully equipped electro, electronic and light mechanical workshop. The workshop consists of 1,300 sqm under roof operational area, 750 sqm warehousing and outdoor yard space of 800 sqm. The engineering capacity includes designing of our own pc-boards as well planning mechanically production processes and 3 fully equipped CNC Machines. Our material handling capacity consists of 10 self-owned company vehicles, one 16 ton Mercedes Truck with Hi-Ab Crane and two forklifts.

About // Jörn Greiter (Managing Member)

Graduated in 1985 as an artisan for “Communication Technician” and 1987 as an “precision electronic engineer” at the chamber of commerce and industry in Augsburg

1993 – Graduated as “Diploma Engineer” at the “Fachhochschule für technic in Esslingen”

August 1993 – May 1994: Established a business enterprise based on buying and selling second hand electrical appliances.

May 1994 – 1996: Employed with Festo KG in Esslingen / Germany in the department for research and development as test engineer.

In August 1995 – accepted as a member into the Chamber of Crafts for Swabia (Augsburg) as a “Master” in the electro-mechanics craft which allows him to train apprentices in Europe

October 1996 up to today: Started his own business (Engineering Centre CC) in Windhoek, Namibia

Qualifications: Diploma Electronic Engineer

Since 2001, 144 students from various Vocational Training Institutions and Universities have absolved practical training at this company

Developments between 1996 – up to today
The first line of battery chargers were developed and manufactured.

Repairs and maintenance was rendered to industrial electronic machinery and equipment.

Forklifts came in for electronic, electric and mechanical repair.

The product range was increased, inclusive engravings of machinery and plant signs.

The production of PC Boards starts and the first electronic steering systems are developed according to client demands and specification.

We started to manufacture our own product range, due to unavailability of qualified staff, the company starts giving students from Polytechnic and NIMT and other institutions the opportunity for practical training, lasting 3-12 months in between their terms of study and we became agent for several companies.