For 16 years Engineering Centre has been supplying Namibia with a variety of battery cells such as Traction Cells, Solar Cells, AGM and Gel Cells as well as other Maintenance Free Batteries.
We have set up battery bays and implemented over 200 battery stations to date. Several of these we are still maintaining on a regular basis.
Experience has taught us that maintenance of batteries is absolutely crucial in order to optimise results and life span of a battery.
We have therefore introduced a weekly service plan to inspect customer batteries & chargers. Battery bays are cleaned, batteries undergo maintenance, minor repairs are carried out on site if required and technicians ensure that the chargers are working properly. A monthly report on the performance of the individual battery cells is provided.

Following checks are included in the service offered:

  • Filling up battery cells with de-ionised water (included in Contract)
  • Taking Voltage and SG readings of each battery cell
  • Ensure the SG level of each battery cell is correct and recommend actions if readings are unsatisfactory
  • General inspection and service of the battery
  • Ensuring the battery charger is in good working condition
  • Ensuring all battery terminals are in good condition
  • Replacing of damaged battery terminals if defect due to wear and tear
  • Charges calculated per battery set, per month (Service interval once a week)

Please download: Battery Service Application: