Engineering Centre embraces a wealth of experience and is committed to spread its knowledge, business relationships, economic benefits and opportunities across the Namibian society.
Engineering Centre regularly introduces newly developed components and products to all interested parties of the various business sectors . On a regular basis training workshops are hosted to expand knowledge in the field of Power Electronics.

For the past 20 years, Engineering Centre has trained Students to improve vocational education from basic to more sophisticated levels. Around 260 trainees from Namibian Vocational institutions such as WVTC, Polytech and NIMT have completed their praxis terms with us.
To small enterprises, Engineering Centre provides professional advice and manifold support to help this new undertaking find its place in the market. This helps both parties involved by creating a win-win situation.
For clients, Engineering Centre offers Consulting to help specify the real needs and to find the most cost effective solution and best alternatives for various projects.