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Outback Mate3:

With MATE3 you can easily program, monitor and control a complete OutBack Power System. You can set user passwords at multiple levels, allowing you to secure critical system settings from accidental changes while maintaining open access to required functions.

  • For programming, managing and monitoring the entire system, intuitive menu structure and user-friendly graphic displayMeasurement data acquisition up to one year, SD Memory Card Slot and optics RE Compatible
  • System Configuration Wizard and Internet-enabled, on-site updateConnection cable Standard CAT5 network cable with RJ45 modular socket – 2 m
  • PC computer interface Ethernet Microprocessor 80 MHz 32-bit processor, Setpoint and data memory 8 MB RAM/ 64 MB Flash-RAM, Eco rating indoor area type 1 (IP 30) and Maximum cable length 100

Outback MPPT Solar Regulator:

The FLEXmax family of charge controller products is the latest innovation in Outback Power Systems’ Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. The innovative FLEXmax MPPT software can increase your energy yield by up to 30% compared to non-MPPT charge controllers. At the touch of a button, the built-in backlit 80-character display shows the current status and system performance of the last 128 days. Among other things, an external battery temperature sensor (RTS -Micro) can be connected.

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Solar & Charge Regulator Products

Solar Regulator (12V | 24V) and Charge Regulator (12V / 24V / 36V / 48V)

Solar Pump Controller

Solar Tracker Controlller