About us- Since 1996, Engineering Centre has been one of the leading companies in the field of power electronics. We have been ISO 9001/2000-certified for 15 years and work hard every day to provide our customers with the best possible product and service. We always pay attention to our social responsibility and base our decisions on the long-term impact on the environment and society. We are proud of our achievements to date and have extensive project experience installing DC Power Systems, Solar Systems and Battery Banks at seven-digit levels.We are positioned in the electronic market, specialised in industrial machinery, power electronics, industrial batteries and battery chargers. The staff compliment and equipment enable the company to execute and complete the scope of all projects assigned and fully honour the expectation, in all respects.

Engineering Centre endeavours to achieve maximum client satisfaction by selling and manufacturing high quality products and by rendering excellent service. 

The development of new industrial applications occurs daily and there will always be a need for this company to upgrade, maintain or repair the existing or newly installed electronically steered machinery and equipment.

Main-Aims and Objectives

Main-Aim of Product and Service Rendering

Engineering Centre endeavours to achieve maximum client satisfaction by selling and manufacturing high quality products and by rendering excellent service. To achieve that aim, the professional training of competent and motivated staff is a pre-requisite and therefore the constant in-house training of all qualified technicians, artisans and of all staff members has highest priority.

Increase in Market Share

The Namibian Market is relatively small, but increasing business settlements open new opportunities. Nevertheless new companies using modern electronic technology may follow suit. The opposition in the field of industrial electronics is currently growing but expertise is still limited. To increase the popularity the company will take action in the field of marketing to promote business by informing the public, consultants and potentially new clients by the means of advertising and other promotional measurements.

Increase in Turnover

The increase in the market share will result in a higher turnover and the cash flow of the company will have to be watched closely to avoid liquidity problems. The triangle of growth, liquidity and return of investment will be the tool for decision making. Significant growth in turnover must be accompanied by significant growth in net profit.

Access to other Markets

To achieve access to other markets it is necessary to diversify the offered products and / or the service range. A thorough investigation in this matter is planned for the coming months.

Other Objectives

To achieve all the before mentioned objectives it is unavoidable to invest in people. Management is aware that without qualified employees the high standard of the business cannot be kept and therefore it is of highest importance to train the staff permanently to offer the clients most professional and efficient service and supply them with the latest and best products available.

Business Strategy

New Product / Service

It is advisable and necessary to adapt to changes in the market pro-active, fast and efficiently. New technology creates new products and these have to be integrated in the existing product line and out-dated products have to be eliminated from the range of products offered.The stock situation has to be balanced without being over- or under stocked. First National Batteries delivers a variety of batteries as consignment stock to enable Engineering Centre cc to be more client-orientated and to avoid unnecessary long delivery times. The establishment of industrial battery service rendered to various companies in Windhoek has resulted in a significant increase in sale of batteries. The same applies to the co-operation with companies who supply, maintain and repair forklifts by offering dedicated battery service. That has fostered the already existing good relations and will lead to an increase in sale of this kind of industrial batteries. The increased demand of solar power equipment has shown significant effect in the sales of imported solar panels and additional voltaic support products

Advertising / Marketing Campaign

No extensive marketing efforts or advertising campaigns have been started yet, therefore the Companies growth was created by customer satisfaction only. Now the time has come to inform potential clients about the variety in products and services offered. Any advertising campaign has to be tailor-made and addressed to clients directly related to the field of specialised products or services offered. Specific marketing folders will be sent or handed over to decision makers and persons representing the different target group. Newspaper advertisements will have to target the small electronic parts market. Newsletters are to be sent to clients.

PR Efforts

The professional creation of a Corporate ID and a Web Site has been completed and implemented. The impressive rate of training given to students in the field of electronics and electro-mechanic is another major point to be stressed in any PR campaign. Since May 1997 this company has given 400 trainees the opportunity for experiential training lasting from a few weeks to 12 months, whereas some students came back for training until their vocational education was completed. Some of these trainees have achieved the rank of permanent staff.

New Marketing Channels

It has not proven feasible to engage freelance sales personnel on commission. It might be advisable to run from time to time a tele-sales campaign on selected products to test the market and to increase sales on selected products.

Perspectives for the Future

The world is changing at an increasing pace. Some old skills and equipment are no longer required and are therefore no longer relevant. New skills and equipment is required to adapt to rapidly changing demand. Electronics have become more and more a part of daily life. The used components got smaller, cheaper, more powerful and the utilisation seems to be universal. The development of new industrial applications occurs daily and there will always be a need for this company to upgrade, maintain or repair the existing or newly installed electronically steered machinery and equipment.

Perspectives for Products and Service Rendering

The Namibian market for electronic components and services rendered is growing and consequently the opportunities increase as well.

Chances for Expansion

Increased market demand opens the change for expansion prerequisite the adequate work force is available or alternatively other existing businesses can be absorbed.


Opposition it is part of the markets mechanism; growing markets offer opportunities for new players and an increasing number of competitors will battle for their share of the market.


The risk lies in uncontrolled growth of the company, creating a scenario of “over-trading” and in the lack of well-trained artisans and engineers available on the Namibian labour market.

Analysis of Current Situation

Market Development and Trends

Namibia’s economy rests on four pillars, being: Tourism, Fishing, Mining and Farming. Tourism showed during the last years the highest growth potential. The growth in the annual GDP did exceed the population growth rate lately and the political situation remains stabile. The lack of qualified artisans, technicians and engineers and the over proportional amount of public servants are negative factors as well as high crime rate and the unsolved 25% BEE ownership laws and land questions. Only few investors have settled in the field of industrial production and bigger developments have so far not been advertised.

Chances for Products/ Service Rendering

The general lack of highly qualified persons in the field of industrial electronics in this country is still the major advantage of this company. The offered products are of best quality and of well-known names. The own manufactured products can be easily adjusted according to clients’ demands. Quality Products and Services offered and rendered have become one of the company’s assets and has built the companies excellent reputation in Namibia.


In every sector of the business opposition exists, especially in the areas of voltaic / solar equipment, batteries, chargers and small electronic parts. In the field of industrial electronic design and repairs the opposition is still limited as well as the amount of potential clients.


External: A certain risk lies in the political stability of this country as unstable conditions influence the willingness of individuals and companies to invest in new products and repair and maintain capital goods.

Internal: Too fast growth without the adequate manpower creates unsatisfied clients. It also bears the risk of „over-trading“, causing liquidity problems and a possible strong decrease in profits / return of investment.

Equal Opportunity Employment

Since the establishment of the company staff training and promotion is one of the main objectives to achieve the aim of high quality and customer satisfaction. During company growth new departments have developed and it is company policy to promote staff members, based on merit exclusively. The managerial posts could be filled with employees who started with the company as trainees. After having successfully passed their trade test and proven commitment to the company’s mission, they were promoted to managers in their respective departments. A manager in the training department is now an employee who has also proven to be an asset to this company due to his engagement and abilities to teach and support his trainees.


The annual turnover increased from 2010 to 2015 by 233%!


The steady growth of the company shows a continuously healthy development. The liquidity was never exhausted and the management’s decision making was always more conservative than adventurous. The possibility for further growth above the inflation rate is given as the business activities will be extended in future in various areas.


The costs development has to be monitored thoroughly, done on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and half year base, as done in the past.


The company has built up a hard earned reputation for good products, service and expertise. This level has to be kept and even uplifted by the introduction of ISO 9001 at the last quarter in 2004 and permanent training of staff.

New agencies for suitable products have been offered for marketing and sale as well for manufacturing of own new products. By thoroughly pro-active steering of the company during the years to come the success of the company will steadily improve and will come closer to its mission providing:  Top Electronic Solutions!