Welcome to Engineering Centre cc - Electronic solutions at its best

Business Principles

Since 1996 when Jörn S.T. Greiter (Dipl. Ing. Electronik) started his Engineering Business his guiding principle has been and remains "Electronic Solutions at its best" tailor made for his clients. This resulted in constant growth and diversification of the company and earned a strong reputation for professional expertise, reliability and excellent service.


The company promotes a working environment of mutual trust and respect. Each employee represents the company and his performance reflects on the performance and the reputation of the company. We employ staff suitable to their competence and promote and honour according to accomplishments.

It is essential to train staff members constantly, so they can master the requirements in the changing world of electronics and adept to a higher level of professionalism.

About 260 Trainees from various institutions like Polytec, NIMT and Windhoek VTC underwent practical training in this company since 1997, some for few weeks, some for months and some made it to the rank of permanent staff after having completed their vocational education.

We maintain good communication with our employees by holding regularly staff meetings and social gatherings.


Our business principles in quality and service are our aim at all times and has and will foster our customer loyalty and enduring relationship.

The extension of the range of own products and services and the acquisition of suitable agencies has led to a constant growth of the company. This was and is constantly monitored and observed for not trailing off the essential aim, Customers Satisfaction!

The Company

Engineering Centre cc has more than 20 years of experience in the field of power electronics and the capacity of a fully equipped electro, electronic and light mechanical workshop. The workshop consists of 1,300 sqm under roof operational area, 750 sqm warehousing and outdoor yard space of 800 sqm.

The engineering capacity includes designing of our own pc-boards as well planning mechanically production processes and 3 fully equipped CNC Machines. Our material handling capacity consists of 10 (ten) self-owned company vehicles, one 16 ton Mercedes Truck with Hi-Ab Crane and two forklifts.

20 skilled labourers are employed to ensure the quality of work and services. Between four and eight students from various vocational training centres receive guidance, completing their practical terms at Engineering Centre and assist in small projects and all other respective work. If need arises temporary labourers are used from time to time. Six office and sales staff complete the company's personnel.